July 31 – August 2 2016

School Finance – Dissecting the Budget – Alexis Schauss

Charters Receive 99% of allocated funds from the state including lottery funds. CTE funds are dispersed but as a consolidated lump allotment, therefore, you will not see a line item for the funds. State estimates a 16.1% increase in health care.




Charter Law Update – David Hostetler

For the most part he read through the handout, scanned below.

Retired teachers suffer no penalty if they work for a charter that does not offer state benefits.

He believes the HB2 bills stating LEAs shall establish single-sex multiple occupancy bathrooms and changing facilities does not apply to charters since the law said LEAs and did not mention charters specifically.



School Reform – Lee Teague, Jeanne Allen, Gregg Sessions

The election will affect education – i.e. expansion or reduction in charters.

2/3 of us citizens support chartering – never makes the press.

Boards should strive for governance, not management.

This year NC should surpass 100,000 students in charter schools.

The GA invested in private schools (opportunity scholarships) they are sending a message to LEAs, and we need to perform better as well.

We restrict students access to a charter via the lottery, if the school is great, we should not restrict.

Charters should enact data-driven student added value instead of a single test EOC/EOG as a measure of progress.

Charters are outperforming and outgrowing LEAs.


School Choice: Economic, Social and Environment Benefits – Dr. Bartley Dannielsen