Susan Patrick & Chris Sturgis, Competency Works

Kristen Brittingham, Charleston County School District

Sydney Schaef, Building 21


Making Mastery Accessible – http://www.redesignu.org/design-lab/mastery-learning

Who benefits from mastery-based learning – https://vimeo.com/159998676

Charleston: Conversation with teachers – http://www.competencyworks.org/case-study/charleston-a-conversation-with-teachers-at-stall-high-school/

Raise your hand Texas – http://www.raiseyourhandtexas.org/programs/blended/

The University of Maine Moving at the Speed of Light – http://www.competencyworks.org/k-12-higher-education/university-of-maine-at-presque-isle-moving-at-the-speed-of-light/

Competency Based Education Blog – http://competencyworks.pbworks.com/w/page/107304978/What%20is%20Competency-Based%20Education


Competency Based Instruction is about transformational change – not just flexible pacing, or just digital tools. This is a structural change, not just a classroom change. We need to acknowledge that all students will not go to college, but we need to help them make an informed choice.

Students must own their learning.

The Individual Learning Plan – Ask did the student learn the standard, instead of did they get a question correct. [Good to have at least three data points]

Teacher Proficiency Scale  is designed to move teachers into competency-based learning.