GPS Solutions – Key Indicators of High Performing Schools


Solution Tree

Marzano – Levels of School Effectiveness



  1. Aligned and rigorous curriculum – horizontal and vertical
  2. Effective Instruction – meets the needs
  3. Use of formative, summative and diagnostic assessment data
  4. Positive school culture focused on achievement
  5. Effective School leadership
  6. Parent and community engagement
  7. Focused on PD
  8. Robust and compliant EC Programming – all-inclusive not taught in pockets, everyone owns the students


PD – tied to student achievement not cookie cutter to all


Super Session


Greg Sinders

Push for fair share of local funding

Limit DOT on passing the buck for roads

Trying to eliminate 20% growth cap


Buddy Collins

Recommends we find out the 6 purposes of charter schools from the legislation and give to BM’s

Get SBE members into your school

ESS replaces No Child Left Behind, state has 1 year to make a plan, and we should get a seat at the table to help craft the plan