Cuttlefish are cute little marine animals belonging to the same family as octopuses and squids.

They instantly can change their skin tone to any of an amazing array of colors and patterns to match any object around them. The color change, designed for camouflage, allows them to be an elusive prey or a cunning and crafty predator. Remarkably, their eyes allow them to see behind them as well as in front, and they move effortlessly through the water with jet like propulsion.


To be a highly successful owner or C level administrator, you must incorporate the traits of a Cuttlefish, which are:


  •                 Be Versatile


Cuttlefish change to match, influence and interact with their environment. You must be multi-dimensional incorporating the characteristics of strategist, leader, integrator, and champion. Continually evaluating your behavior and decisions and deploying the right approach for the circumstance at hand.


  •                 Fast Reactor


Cuttlefish react to predators or prey quickly, driving through the water at jet like speeds when needed. Anyone who has been in leadership for very long will attest that they have not always made correct decisions. However, failure often leads to valuable learning opportunities. A great leader will surround themselves with trusted advisors and subject matter experts. Do not allow yourself to suffer from Analysis Paralysis, quickly gather the information you need and make your command decision.


  •                 Insightful Visionary


Having eyes that allow a Cuttlefish look forwards and backwards with the same clarity is a huge benefit in a competitive environment. Continually, you must look outwards to determine new developments within your business sector. You must access if your competition is gaining on you from behind, or leap frogging ahead of you. You must be optimistic even in the face of a setback, for your followers surely will take their cues from you.  Finally, develop your mind’s eye, great leaders spend time dreaming about the way things should be and then make them come true.

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