Several years ago, upon entering a new job I realized I had inherited some poor performers as employees.

Conventional wisdom informed me I must evaluate and divide the keepers from the losers and as quickly as possible replace the losers. Having been raised as a preacher’s son, I suppose I chose to ignore this train of thought because I had learned there is greatness in almost everyone, sometimes you just have to look hard to find it.

Instead of dumping the losers, I opted to spend time with them talking about their dreams, goals, aspirations, weaknesses, and strengths.

I found the time spent fascinating, I soon realized they were under performing because they were in roles that were way out of their comfort zone and not in a place that could utilize their talents. I was able to move them into other departments were I am proud to say they fully blossomed and became great contributors, the very ones that would have been excused from the company.

As a great leader

It is your job, should you choose to accept it, to find the great qualities in your staff and exploit it, not in a cynical negative way, but in a positive way to help the employee. This of course will not work for everyone, however those that can be saved will prevent you from being a LOSER, losing talent to your competition.