Do I have all the tools necessary to be productive?

Dorie Clark shared she often sprained her ankle playing squash. She later realized she was not using “squash shoes” which are specifically designed to protect your body against horizontal movement on the court.

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The last important question for consideration by all leaders is whether they offer their followers the necessary resources and tools required to remain productive and effective in the performance of their organizational tasks.

As indicated by Gardner, Staats & Gino (2012, p. 1000) it is unpractical for leaders to expect their followers to carry out organizational tasks effectively if workers are not presented with the tools and resources they require for the job. I have realized that in addition to providing workers with the resources that they need for the successful completion of their tasks, it is also very important to ensure that workers are safe and secure at the workplace. According to Maslow (1943), safety is the second most basic category of human needs (after physiological needs). In order to remain satisfied and enthusiastic for work, employees have to be assured of their employment and physical security.


Leadership Lesson From A Kindergartner

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