Do I understand what is expected of me?

As leaders, it can be hurtful to receive negative feedback, and when it happens, it can come across harsh. Your employees feel the same way, so remember to be transparent with them with your expectations of them. I have found it invaluable to go out with my employees for coffee or lunch and discuss operations. The constructive feedback in both directions ensures expectations are understood.


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Nothing makes for an enthusiastic employee than the comprehension of what they are expected to do in a business firm (Brummelhuis, Hoeven, Jong & Peper, 2013).

A leader who is committed to both their success and that of their business firm must always ask this question: “Do my followers understand what is expected of them?” Possession of exemplary communication skills is one of the most important aspects for any leader (Robles, 2012). I understand that not all can be as charismatic and eloquent as Hitler, or Obama. In spite of this, it is fundamental that a leader clearly communicates to the followers what is expected of them in the business firm.


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