Ever feel like the Squatch, similar to the Jack Links commercials where others pick on the Sasquatch, a gentle, furry, and loveable creature. 

Within any work environment there will be times when people will make unrealistic requests or demands which will infringe upon your time or resources. These clients or co-workers are generally good people, but in certain situations, they lose the ability to empathize and “see the big picture.” I often liken their actions toteenager syndrome, where they believe the world revolves around them.

Below are some examples from a help desk center, which illustrates this behavior.[Actual email messages] 

 Here are three tips to help you successfully navigate.

  1. Make sure you understand the frame of reference the person is working with. Avoid this trap by openly engaging in a conversation to establish boundaries, requirements, and expected outcomes. Ensure both have committed to a firm date for completion.
  2. Monitor Expectations and Outcomes Create metrics to capture and monitor interactions and outcomes. A gentleman that I worked with a few years ago had a phrase that went something like this, “If you don’t monitor it, you can’t expect it to change.”
  3. Backup Plan Take time to assess the risks associated with your sphere of influence, identify potential shortfalls, and develop contingency plans to mitigate risk.

Bubbling from deep within, I am sure at times, you wanted to be like the Squatch and unload your wrath upon them, however with these tips your beast within will remain tame.

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